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Artificial Grass

No Maintenance

dd resin

Looking for artificial grass in Manchester ?

Then you have come to the right place, we are Manchesters number one choice for artificial grass. Our team of professional artificial grass fitters are based in manchester and can supply and install artificial grass all over Manchester and the Northwest of England.

DD Resin are specialists in transforming your garden into a stylish no maintenance area that looks and stays perfect so you can enjoy it all year round. We use technology learnt from it`s widespread use in artificial all-weather sports fields to develop a product specifically for the domestic environment that looks absolutely natural and can cope with heavy use.

Maintaining a lawn can be difficult. Not only do you need to find the time and then put in a lot of effort, the costs soon add up (monthly maintenance contracts, mowing, feeding, seeding & weeding). Then you have got to add to that the cost of purchasing and maintaining the mower and strimmer etc.By installing artificial grass all those chores and expenses will be history;  you will have a lawn that will stay trim, green and free of moss and bald patches whatever the weather. Always ready for you to enjoy on demand as your neighbours mow in the mid-day sun (with their ear defenders on) wondering why your lawn never seems to grow!

Artificial Grass, Fake Garden

Why Artificial Grass?

Artificial Grass, Fake Grass

Cost Effective

No Mowing

No Watering

No Feeding

Pet Friendly

Child Friendly

Natural Grass Looking Finish

Can Last a Lifetime

Looks Great All Year Round

Can be Installed Inside or Outside

Can be Installed on to Any Surface

Great For Gardens, Play Areas, Sorts Fields & More.....

All Our Work is Fully Guaranteed

DD resin will install you a professional looking lawn that can last a lifetime.

We also offer a full 5 years guarantee on all the work carried out installing your artificial lawn, and you can also get up to 10 years guarantee in the grass itself. So you will have total peace of mind knowing you will have a beautiful garden that you no longer need to mow for many years to come.

Whatever your lawn requirements are, relaxing garden, children's playing field or even a luxury show garden, DD resin have the artificial grass requirements to meet any needs.

Garden, Fake Grass
Fake Grass, Artificial Grass
Artificia Grass, Fake Grass
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